March’s Dog of the Month: Captain Dash

March’s Dog of the Month: Captain Dash


Name: Captain Dash

Nickname: Dash

Breed: Miniature Yorkshire Terrier

Age: 5.5 months

Gender: Male


Toy: Anything he can chew

Activity: He loves riding in the car, he climbs as high as he can. He also loves jumping which can be dangerous when he’s on our bed.

Training Trick: He is learning basic obedience right now but he loves to jump and hang on the side of his playpen.

Food or Treat: He eats Royal Canin but salmon and lamb is a favorite treat.

Friend: His friend is Duke, a Dalmatian.

From the Dog’s Mouth

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment is not peeing on mom’s bed. I know I’m not supposed too but man that foot board allows me to step my front feet up and pee like a boy! Haha. But I think I’ve learned that’s not one of the things mom likes very much at all.

Describe your perfect day.
I enjoy waking up to dad’s alarm at 4:30 and jumping up in my playpen until he puts me in bed with mom. I cuddle up with her until she gets up and I eat my breakfast. I then cuddle back up with mom until we decide the bed has had enough. I love to run and follow mom everywhere but I’m also learning the hard way how to explore my world too. I love to train because I get treats, then it’s nap time. After nap time I play with mom again and wait for dinner. Duke lives with my oldest sister and I play with him some too. I’ve learned that remotes are not toys. I have tons of toys but when moms not looking I go for it. Haha. I think I’m pretty sneaky. Bedtime is at 8 and I sleep all night long but in my own bed. I gotta have my room ya know.

When I grow up I want to be …
When I grow up I’m going to be the best most well behaved Yorkie. I want to train and learn new tricks. I hope to make other people happy like I do for my mom and dad.

I love my parents because …
I love my parents because they play with me and buy me toys. They don’t yell when I do things wrong like eating the remote.

I hate to admit it, but my naughtiest moment was when …
My naughtiest moments were when I peed on the bed for the hundredth time. Oh and did I mention I ate the remote? Lol I think that’s the funniest because mom was sleeping and she thought I was too.


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