Big Dog Lifetime Members

These members have donated $100 or more to Bark Park Buddies to help maintain and improve Cooper Dog Park. We thank you for your support. Learn more about becoming a Bark Park Buddies member.

Gary & Brenda Lantz's dog Cody

Gary & Brenda Lantz’s dog Cody

Joe and Brandi Czerniewski's dog Sasha

Joe and Brandi Czerniewski’s dog Sasha

Joe and Brandi Czerniewski's dog Gidget

Joe and Brandi Czerniewski’s dog Gidget

Danielle Weaver's dog Brownie Ray

Danielle Weaver’s dog Brownie Ray

Danielle Weaver's dog Roman

Danielle Weaver’s dog Roman

Cheryl Ford's dog Macallan

Gary & Cheryl Ford’s dog Macallan

Thomas Graves' dogs Tina and Tucker

Thomas Graves’ dogs Tina and Tucker

Beth Swartz’s dog Daisy

Don & Carol Long's dog Maddie

Don & Carol Long’s dog Maddie

Dave Guard’s dog Miles

Katie Gomez’s dog Kai

Adams Golf Club, LLC

Gary & Cheryl Ford with Macallan

Cleta Boswell


Danielle Weaver Reiss with Roman and Brownie Ray

David and Donna Pope

Don & Carol Long with Maddie

Donna Sweeten

Gail and Janet Fowler

Gary & Brenda Lantz with Cody

Jack and Judy Maddux

Joan Toomey

Joe and Brandi Czerniewski with Gidget and Sasha

John & Mary Ford

Kelly Gilliland

Linda Massey

Lisa Beeman with Rosa and Lilly

Mike & Brenda McAnaw

Musselman Abstract Company – Sherry & Bill Cox

Pat Poindexter

Peggy & Tom O’Connor with┬áSassy, Kai, Roxie and Jazzie

Phillips 66

Sandy Singleton

Shelley Charles

Southern Custard, LLC

State Farm Insurance Companies – Steve and Pat Wright

Steve and Tracy Rohleder

Susan Gray

Thomas Graves with Tucker and Tina

William and Cheryl Buckles

Beth Swartz

Dave Guard

Katie Gomez


Annual Members

These members have donated $25-99 to Bark Park Buddies and Cooper Dog Park. Are you interested in becoming an annual member?

Mark & Toni Abei
Ashley Baxter
Joy Benedict
Jim & Karen Boyd
Edward & Bettisu Casey
Kat & Fred Closmann with Carver
Karla Edwards with Jojo and Lucy
Kathleen & Jon Hargis
Mike & Donna Herhold with Kandi and Pepper
Steve Hildabrand
Hannah Hoch
Elizebeth Huff
Sharon Hurst
Debbie Jenkins
Jennifer Jimison
Michel Lenoges
Pam Matthews
Sara McGee
Doann Nguyen
Chris Oldroyd
Don & Barb Pearson
Lea Petri
Judy Pomfret
Rendy Prather
Natasha Riley
Sam Steffy
Crystal Westfall
Betsy Brashear with Arnie
Rob Mills